Learning to love yourself can be a challenging undertaking, which involves such processes as getting rid of the toxic relationships in your life; the people, things, events, etc. that you allow to hold you back.

Self-awareness is an important step in the process of self-discovery. The discomfort of self-discovery often involves the realization of how often you actually sabotage yourself.

Through life coaching, several of my clients have told me that for the first time in their lives, they know who they really are, and have renewed self-confidence in their abilities.

One of the first steps to eliminating the negative elements in your life is to ask yourself how you feel about yourself when you are in the presence of another person. This exercise can help you put uncover those relationships which are helpful, supportive, and real, and eliminate those that are toxic.

Dr. Micki Berg is the Owner of Positive Outcomes Coaching LLC. She is a Life Coach with PCC (Professional Certified Coach) credentials from the International Coach Federation.

Dr. Berg’s book, “Falling in Love with Yourself” will be in publication by the end of 2011. Dr. Berg has 30+ years of successful coaching experience, and is recognized for being able to lead clients to happier and more productive lives.

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