These packages are based on one weekly,
bi-weekly or monthly sessions, in person or by phone

LEVEL I  – Getting Started, How to Get Unstuck

  • Discover Your Purpose
  • Explore Your Potential
  • Personal and Professional Assessments
  • Begin the Process of Reinventing Yourself

LEVEL II – Self-Awareness: Discover Your Authentic Self

  • Level I Coaching Program PLUS
  • Identify your personal and professional passions
  • Raise the bar through self-awareness and self-discovery
  • Develop your personal and professional action plan

LEVEL III- Commitment to Excellence: For The Person Who is Serious about Discovering Your Potential and Changing Your Life

  • Level I + Level II Coaching Program PLUS
  • How to funnel your potential, combined with your innate and life-learned skills and abilities to enhance your personal and professional life
  • How to present yourself professionally in all situations
  • Develop the skills to climb the mountain, and vision to see over to the other side
  • Create your action plan for success

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