• Tisha Berg
    Mother, Hypno-Therapist, Life Coach and Creator of

    May, 3 2010
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    Micki Berg, PhD. of Positive Outcomes Coaching is not only a teacher, career coach and leader, but I am proud to say she is also my Mother-in Law. Now, before you go thinking that nepotism is the only reason for her selection as this week’s Biz Mommy of the Week, here’s a little background:

    After raising six kids and working for almost thirty years as director of corporate training for one the largest weight loss franchises in North America, Micki decided that her life wasn’t as fulfilling as she knew it could be. At 54, she enrolled in the University of Michigan to pursue a Master’s Degree. After graduation, she felt the urge to spread her wings even further and embarked on a journey that would transform her thinking and eventually change her life.

    Micki left her comfortable corporate job, became certified as a life coach and began traveling locally and internationally as a motivational speaker. Wanting to expand her knowledge, she entered the Fielding Graduate University’s distance education program in Organizational and Human Development. Eleven years later, my husband, daughters and I, along with many other family members and friends, watched with pride as Micki accepted her doctorate degree.

    Now eleven years may seem like a long time, but one of the things I’ve always admired about Micki in the thirteen years I’ve known her, is her refusal to compromise the quality of her life while she was pursuing higher education. She still took vacations, hosted family for holiday celebrations and served as a solid support system for the many people who always knew they could count on her for help if they needed it. So, her degree took a little longer than expected because she was living the journey, instead of just blindly focusing on the destination.

    And think about this…would YOU have the drive to completely change your life at 54 years old and walk the path of living your passion?

    Thanks, Micki, for being a reminder that inspiration and transformation can happen at any stage of life; we need only have the courage to hear – and heed – its call.