September 11, 2001

Micki Berg

September 11, 2010

Nine years ago America experienced the horrendous attacks on the World
Trade Center and the Pentagon, not to discount the flight that went
down in the hills of Pennsylvania. Who would have imagined or even
believed that such a thing could happen in the USA?
These events were a loud and lasting wake-up call to the fact that we
can’t take anything for granted in life. My personal observations upon
visiting New York and Washington shortly after 911 was the resiliency
and renewed spirit of Americans as they pulled together and began
planning for the future.

As a Life Coach, immediately following 9/11, I felt an unexplainable
energy from my clients to move forward at an accelerated rate to
pursuit the passions and goals that many had compartmentalized until
the time when. . . .!!!

THE TIME IS NOW. If you wait until the mortgage is paid, or the
children are grown, or you finally became tenured in a job you don’t
enjoy, you are losing precious time from living out your dreams. What
major life-changing event is it going to take to propel you into a
state of personal transformation?

Life Coaching can help you realize your potential and find your “happy
place” in life. Don’t waste another minute. Tomorrow is today. Live
with excitement, anticipation, and passion. Become the person you
always wanted to be.

Contact me for a free session. Explore the impact that Life Coaching
can have on your life.


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