Jimmy Fallon and the Emmy Awards

Last night I watched the 2010 Emmy Award Show. Jimmy Fallon was at his best. When was the last time you felt “at your best?”

My philosophy of life is “find something you love to do and get someone to pay you for it.” Jimmy Fallon’s performance as host of the Emmy’s reflected this philosophy. His energy, fun, and joy were contagious.

This morning I experienced the same “fun and energetic” feeling watching The Ellen Show. A couple of years ago, I was an audience member on The Ellen Show, and reaped a double “happy” benefit from being there in person.

Are you doing what you love? Are you passionate about your life and career? If you answered “NO” to either of these questions, you would benefit from hiring a Life Coach.

Life Coaching helps you discover and uncover your passions and potential, some of which you filed away in a deep dark place years ago. Life Coaching leads you to your “HAPPY” place in life. Life Coaching results in building your self-esteem and self-confidence so you can realize those dreams you’ve been saving for the “right time?” Well, my friend. . .The RIGHT TIME is RIGHT NOW.

Contact me for a free session. Maybe Life Coaching is the answer to your unresolved questions.


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